100th Post! First Ice Trip + Lunch Cutt

The cold finally set in around here and most of the lakes are capped with a good sheet of ice.  Reading reports of good fishing at Starvation Reservoir, I dusted off my auger and headed east on Saturday.

Drilling holes was tough work though.  Working through only 9" of ice required 4 rest stops and I'm in pretty good shape, so I knew something was wrong.  At the end of last year's ice season, the blades got smacked against the ice a few times by someone I was fishing with.

That little detail had escaped my memory until trying to drill again.  What a shame!  Those blades were new that season.  Regardless, several holes were drilled and many existing holes were also used until I finally found some fish.

My first spot was in about 15 feet of water, right at the point of the entrance to a bay.  Last year, that was my go-to spot.  So far this year, it was bunk.  Moving farther out little by little, my first nibble finally came in over 50 feet.

Some small perch were playing with me and there were many missed bites.  When all was said and done, I was only able to get three of them to the surface and a bonus rainbow with some good size to it.

All in all, I was satisfied with the results, though the perch could have been a little bigger and eager to take the whole jig.


Today, my lunch break yielded a first for me.  In over 7 years of fishing the local creeks near my place of employment, I've caught many different species of fish.  Never would I have imagine that I'd catch a CUTTHROAT, only about a mile away from Utah Lake though.


It was thrilling to see that one splashing around.  After a quick photo, she was released.  At least the presence of a cutthroat so close to a warm water lake tells me that the water quality is high in my little creek.

Just for fun, I dropped my jig back into the same spot and pulled out a little white bass too.


What a kick to get a white bass in the same spot that I just nailed a cutthroat.  Talk about a great lunch break!

Happy Fishing, Humans.


  1. Nice Job Justin! :) Thanks for always taking so much time to tell us your stories.

  2. Cutthroat and white Bass living together, oh my!

  3. What Kevin said. Who'd a thunk it? Congrats on the milestone!

  4. Congratulations on reaching your 100th! I think I have read most all of them and enjoy your blog and fishing stories very much. I am with the other guys here, whats up with those two fish together. I can understand a Cutthroat and a Whitefish in the same water. But, a White Bass?

  5. Thanks everyone. It's been fun putting it all together.

    Catching a cutt that close to Utah Lake is just nuts, but I recall two different trip reports on local forums last year where cutthroat were pulled through the ice there.

    They're definitely not in there very heavily though, and I doubt for most of the year.

    In settler's times, there were huge cutthroat in the lake. Neat history there...and sad.


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