Fast Catching at Currant Creek

After a week off from fishing, due to a family trip, my buddy and I went back to Currant Creek Reservoir to see if we could keep the rods bent over.

We both ended up catching a lot of fish without keeping track. Fishing at the dam was pretty fast action and we caught plenty over there, but moving to the far side increased the bendo.

Eventually, we went up to the inlets, where the water is a bit murkier, but the one good hole where the water comes into the lake was ridiculously hot. Almost every cast, we had at least nibbles.

The fish weren't anything special this week in terms of size though. The largest for the day topped out at probably 17 inches (Holdsworth, cutt). Still fun to get out though!

As usual, a Blue Fox in gold was the hot lure and kept us busy. Minnows also got multiple hits (some felt very nice), but Holdsworth and I were both having trouble with hooksets this week. Weird.

We ended up with probably over 40 fish each.

After fishing, we took a drive to the Upper Currant Creek area and saw some cool wildlife, including a moose!

Nice day, too bad I've got a cold now and can't really enjoy this rainy Memorial Day.

Happy Fishing, Humans.

Some Background...


Why not go jogging, hit the gym, start a garden or whatever it is that normal humans do? What's so fascinating about these slimy little creatures that live in the water?

Fishing is a bit more to me than a hobby or a sport. It's an essential part of life that helps me connect with the Earth in ways similar to the long-practiced traditions of mankind. Wherever man has had a water source, there has been fishing.

It's only natural.

Happy Fishing, Humans.