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Jordanelle is a neat place to fish and it's somewhat sad that I've only gone a few times. Out of the few, I've only floated it once. The tube was a great match for floating on the 'Nelle and I ended up catching several fish, including my largest smallmouth bass.

The stump garden is a good structure area to work for bass and perch.

Kicking out to this buoy was quite the task, but the weather cooperated and I didn't have a problem kicking back.

My best smallie (not very big, I know, but it was on the fly rod):

The species available in Jordanelle include rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, perch, smallmouth, and largemouth bass. There are plenty of chub and crayfish to feed the sport fish and the perch can get quite large. The 'Nelle is known for trophy smallmouth bass and large brown trout. The rainbows do well and I've never seen a small cutt from Jordanelle. The future definitely holds more trips to this spot.

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Some Background...


Why not go jogging, hit the gym, start a garden or whatever it is that normal humans do? What's so fascinating about these slimy little creatures that live in the water?

Fishing is a bit more to me than a hobby or a sport. It's an essential part of life that helps me connect with the Earth in ways similar to the long-practiced traditions of mankind. Wherever man has had a water source, there has been fishing.

It's only natural.

Happy Fishing, Humans.