Let's Get Elevated

Since the end of May, I've put a lot of miles on my Sentra, and my feet.  Between family hikes and fish finding, it's been a great three weeks of stomping.

June 6:

With an open agenda and without company, I took an opportunity to check an old hunch after getting burned again by the same big fish that have evaded me through repeated, relentless efforts on my part.  Not everything has dodged my hand, but plenty of bruisers fought their way to freedom.

A smaller brookie from my obsession spot (possible repeat catch - mouth):

 photo DSCN5422 600x450_zpsrlznpzvv.jpg

A pretty cutthroat:

 photo DSCN5423 600x450_zpsor9gapym.jpg

Though I couldn't capture any giants, quite a few of the smaller fish came in.  Hanging out at that spot is pleasant enough, as is.  Sometimes I have to take a break just to watch these fish do their thing.

In this video, the fish are a bit spooked, but they got right back to work a few minutes later.

After the torture of watching nice fish snub my temptations, I decided to get to the day's main objective, checking a hunch.

 photo DSCN5428 600x450_zpsadhor8es.jpg

The hike was a soggy two miles on an ATV trail and I made great time.  My findings were that this shallow beaver pond near a spring held no fish and probably couldn't sustain any over a winter.

Tough break, but it's not much of a surprise and it's always great to check off another "maybe".  The scenery was nice anyway.

 photo DSCN5429 600x450_zpsx6chph3f.jpg

No fish in there either.

Getting back to the car, I salvaged the day with a visit to a couple of lakes higher up the hill.

 photo DSCN5432 600x450_zpsjnalccz3.jpg

That one didn't give me much love, but a few bites were missed.  The next one had plenty of fish though.  Too many, even:

 photo DSCN5436 600x450_zpsg2speydf.jpg

This was the biggest fish out of several:

 photo DSCN5440 600x450_zpsu58lvp5q.jpg

I'd wanted to get back there again and it was sad to see the average size much smaller than I recalled.  Still a good day.

June 7:

The day after hiking to three different lakes, I took my family out for a couple of short hikes and some local sight seeing.

Here we are at Upper Falls in Provo Canyon:

 photo DSCN5445 600x450_zpswhstar6a.jpg

It's a short hike, but quite vertical.  From the base of the falls, several other routes head higher up the mountain, but they're not suitable for less experienced hikers.  We then messed around in Diamond Fork Canyon after a family visit in Spanish Fork.

This is the Red Ledges Picnic Area:

 photo DSCN5447 600x450_zps5hsgjxi0.jpg

 photo DSCN5449 450x600_zpsxjrc0psk.jpg

It's a neat little concentration of sandstone formations that seem slightly out of place when observing the surrounding area.  The lower trails lead to more technical climbs and there's a lot to do and see.

The next day, we went to one of my lunch break spots, where I've been slaying the white bass lately.  My hopes were high for my kids to catch some tasty little fillets on their own, but somehow all they caught were mosquito bites while I was the only one to hook any fish.

It's crazy how fish can bite for one person and completely shun the others.  Scratching my head on that night.  No matter though, the kids found a big snail that kept them happy.

 photo DSCN5457 450x600_zpsobde4vef.jpg

June 14:

 photo DSCN5471 600x450_zpskuthjf6k.jpg

This trip was originally planned with a different purpose, on a different mountain.  At the last moment, we decided to keep driving down and to fish a place that Aaron had never been to.

It was a good move and we took a little hike with our tubes to fish a lake that sits at over 10,500ft.  Aaron struck first with a good sized brookie:

 photo DSCN5473 600x450_zpspz22fhug.jpg

Soon after, I had some of my own:

 photo DSCN5475 600x450_zpsl7f5239v.jpg

 photo DSCN5477 600x450_zpss3rqhrcf.jpg

It rained most of the day, as has been the norm for the past few weeks.  We didn't care though and kept fishing.  I got a video of Aaron catching the heaviest fish of the day.

The high country is magical.  It's great to be back!

 photo DSCN5480 600x450_zpshf3wgtao.jpg

Here's that fish from the video:

 photo DSCN5486 450x600_zpsum74sbic.jpg

More for me:

 photo DSCN5492 450x600_zpsnowgq0bz.jpg

Even on the fly:

 photo DSCN5494 600x450_zpsesuqznor.jpg

Hmm.  We shall name him Derp.

 photo DSCN5498 600x450_zpss9ludtqc.jpg

Another lake was close, so we took a break from floating the frigid water and checked the neighbor's.

 photo DSCN5499 450x600_zps0uxcdjwx.jpg

As expected, the fish were small, but beautiful:

 photo DSCN5506 600x450_zpsmqmjqzjg.jpg

Okay, back to the headliner:

 photo DSCN5514 450x600_zpsd5w9d3xl.jpg

We continued to catch nice brookies and revel in the spectacle of the lake:

 photo DSCN5523 600x450_zpsnuimjpia.jpg

 photo DSCN5527 600x450_zpsvrvwh1bl.jpg

 photo DSCN5528 450x600_zpsjefddf2t.jpg


We saw a couple of bull elk on the way out, neither of which wanted their photo taken.

 photo DSCN5533 600x450_zpsqjdshjf2.jpg

As if we hadn't seen enough of the beautiful country, watching the badlands below us glow in the remaining daylight was also rewarding.

 photo DSCN5538 600x450_zps6zdpx1mn.jpg

Another good trip in the books.

June 17:

My family and I took another quick local hike to the cliffs of Dry Canyon, overlooking Utah Valley.  We came for the sunset and weren't disappointed.

 photo DSCN5544 450x600_zpsnfp5sq6k.jpg

 photo DSCN5550 600x450_zpsna0lmkqm.jpg

 photo DSCN5551 600x450_zps0wimr7ih.jpg

We saw some neat fossils too:

 photo DSCN5556 600x450_zpspt6g17uc.jpg

 photo DSCN5557 600x450_zpslxrh3er6.jpg

I find that ring intriguing.  It almost looks threaded.

A great night!

 photo DSCN5558 450x600_zpsrmnpjzlj.jpg

June 20:

For the last day of spring, Holdsworth and I chose to keep the 10K theme alive by hiking our tubes into a lake in the High Uintas.

The route provided splendid scenery and a few small fish.

 photo DSCN5574 600x450_zpsp7m7iqbe.jpg

 photo DSCN5575 450x600_zps7rsbmjcg.jpg

Aaron briefly met a little buddy:

 photo DSCN5579 600x450_zpsjwrvgbxa.jpg

Once we arrived, our patience was tested by the fish, who weren't very eager to bite.  It took awhile, and some missed bites, but a good sized tiger trout was first to cooperate:

 photo DSCN5580 600x450_zpse1u3p4cj.jpg

Aaron got one that size as well.  At almost 18" those are hogs by normal Uinta standards.

A smaller tiger and a couple of brookies also came in before I beached the tube to explore a nearby pond I'd seen on the maps.

 photo DSCN5582 600x450_zps4hmbfq0w.jpg

No fish.  S'aright.

Meanwhile, Aaron had kicked around the whole lake, catching a couple of brookies in the process.  It's a great feeling sit back on a float tube and enjoy life above 10,000ft.

 photo DSCN5584 450x600_zpswcxvpg0k.jpg

Another dry spell ensued before I noticed something that followed my jig up to the tube before biting.  I saw a golden flash and set to the hook to a magnificently marbled male tiger trout of 20 inches.

 photo DSCN5585 600x450_zpsspnmucee.jpg

What a beast for the Uintas!  Heck, that's a nice fish for any lake.

 photo DSCN5587 600x450_zps69djbn7s.jpg

About two hours passed before I hooked my next fish, a 16" brookie:

 photo DSCN5588 600x450_zps1j1cmja8.jpg

Another fish operating outside the Uinta blueprint.  It's nice to know they're out there.

Before ending our float, I threw a cast next to a floating log by shore and as soon as my jig hit the water, a strong thump set my hook for me.  Another good battle was unfolding.

It actually took a couple of minutes to bring in this angry tiger.

 photo DSCN5595 600x450_zps1hz8kvlh.jpg

Another big guy.  I hope to see it again someday.

 photo DSCN5596 450x600_zps0v270ymi.jpg

What a great place!

 photo DSCN5597 600x450_zps4iaezdsc.jpg

 photo DSCN5598 600x450_zpswm4oeyrn.jpg

We got out of there before too long, determined to get back to the car before dark.  Aaron had to pick on some small stream brookies on the way out.

 photo DSCN5611 450x600_zpstnbymb1a.jpg

It was a wonderful trip and it's great to see fish with size in the Uintas.  There are surely plenty of other lakes holding impressive fish, so it's just a matter of time before I find more.

Happy Fishing, Humans.

 photo DSCN5615 450x600_zpstkkvsv9l.jpg

Some Background...


Why not go jogging, hit the gym, start a garden or whatever it is that normal humans do? What's so fascinating about these slimy little creatures that live in the water?

Fishing is a bit more to me than a hobby or a sport. It's an essential part of life that helps me connect with the Earth in ways similar to the long-practiced traditions of mankind. Wherever man has had a water source, there has been fishing.

It's only natural.

Happy Fishing, Humans.