Slow Far, Slow Good

Hey everybody, it's been awhile since I posted. I've certainly been fishing quite a bit, but I must admit; I've gotten my butt kicked so far in 2016. The ice season has not treated me well at all, only yielding a total of 5 trout in​ the 4 weeks​ I went.​

Holdsworth and I both got skunked at a fickle tiger trout lake for our last trip of '15. The next week, we each only pulled in one fish at Currant Creek Reservoir, where I usually do a lot better.

​My small rainbow:

 photo DSCN0323 600x450_zpscbbarvot.jpg

​Aaron's tiger trout:

 photo DSCN0325 600x450_zpsehnvtdxa.jpg

Starvation Reservoir hosted us the next week and we got yet another severe skunking after hours of tireless drilling and moving. Nothing worked for anyone else near us either. Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Ugh.

Both of my kids had their birthdays the following weekend and that prevented me from doing much fishing. I did cast fruitlessly for about an hour and a half at Deer Creek Reservoir, one of those evenings, but that was a total waste of time. It was good to be with my family though and the kids loved their birthdays. No loss there.

The next week was sure​ ​to treat Holdsworth and I better, as we met up with my buddy J and went to the famous Fish Lake. I've never done "well" at Fish Lake, especially on ice, but having someone with experience along, our hopes were high.

 photo DSCN0374 600x450_zpsxmm14qi9.jpg

After fishing all day, it was clear that ​I just don't have great mojo at Fish Lake. I ended up with three small trout on the day. Holdsworth did a little bit better, but not by very much. J ended up with a 22" lake trout and quite a few medium sized rainbows and splake before we gave up and hit the weedline for fast action perch, just to get a tug on the line.

​Here's J's mack:

 photo DSCN0368 600x450_zpstdhud7vy.jpg

As the daylight faded, J and I pulled in quite a lot of tiny perch, but it was little consolation for the slow trend of late. In a total of three trips to FL on ice, I've caught a total of 5 trout. That's just wrong.

This is a lake that people do really well at too. I've been told that my luck at Fish Lake is the worst of any other human. I have to submit that it may very well be​ true​. Not to worry though; I intend to break my curse this year, on a float tube.

At least I still have my lunch breaks. They seem to be the only times when I can catch ​worthwhile fish.  So far this year, I've hooked into a couple of ​nice channel cats, ​several pike, quite a few largemouth bass, two crappie, a couple of sunfish, and some bluegill.

​This slob is my biggest catfish yet, at over 7lbs.

 photo IMG_20160108_115446160 600x337_zpsahi3hlv9.jpg

There have been some other noteworthy catches on lunch, but we'll get to those in a bit...

With the slow fishing and crummy weather lingering, I was starting to feel the need for a break. On January 30th, a heavy snow storm rolled in and my family and I bugged out for a chance to stretch our legs in our go-to desert destination, Goblin Valley State Park.

The drive was treacherous up and over Soldier Pass (Hwy 6), but we prevailed and it was a great contrast to leave the snow-covered world for what could seem like another planet.

 photo DSCN0385 600x450_zpshw8lx5tc.jpg

These clumps of Entrada sandstone hold a very special place in our hearts and surely anyone else who has visited. We go at least a couple of times per year. The kids are even willing to put up with the 3.5hr drive so they can climb and play.

 photo DSCN0394 600x450_zpsfarbxd1v.jpg

 photo DSCN0447 450x600_zps0hakkbr3.jpg

The weather wasn't perfect, but it wasn't snowing or raining. Mid 40's were comfortable enough and we enjoyed a marvelous day trip. Being just a day trip, we kept it localized to the main valley and surrounding cliffs. It's what we'd consider the standard Goblin trip; play around in the hoodoos for a bit, stop by the cave, takes some photos by "The Wizard", then hike up to the top of the cliffs for a true visual feast.

Those that hike up to the greenish white Curtis formation, which is found directly above the Entrada, get to fully appreciate the vistas, with breath-taking beauty to be found in every direction.

From the southern tip of the eastern cliffs, we can see the back edge of Valley #2:

 photo DSCN0418 600x450_zpsowvnepum.jpg

 photo DSCN0427 450x600_zpseik0urgb.jpg

It's important to watch your step because there are only a few ways to get down safely. Quite the drop, otherwise:

 photo DSCN0424 600x450_zpsdettkb7q.jpg

 photo DSCN0425 450x600_zpss8gsrooh.jpg

​The kids were happy to kick their cases of cabin fever:

 photo DSCN0442 600x450_zps3waq5ipa.jpg

 photo DSCN0455 600x450_zps12bfp2ia.jpg

 photo DSCN0459 600x450_zpsmuhnkiud.jpg

 photo DSCN0390 450x600_zpsdcy6bj2u.jpg

 photo DSCN0391 450x600_zpsugn1ftxn.jpg

Of course, I definitely got the recharge I was looking for:

 photo DSCN0441 450x600_zpsukchcw6l.jpg

The cloud cover created some neat ambient lighting and interesting textures to observe:

 photo DSCN0460 600x450_zps6hjbzzbt.jpg

I was lucky to get this shot, which may be my new favorite for GV:

 photo DSCN0454 600x450_zpsbssjhu3y.jpg

So we basically spent close to 8hrs driving to enjoy a short hike, but it was well worth it, like always. Like Jemaine from "Flight of the Conchords" says, "Two minutes in Heaven is better than one minute in Heaven, Baby".

See you next time, Goblin. Next time, we'll stay a bit longer and explore some "new" (to us) features.

 photo DSCN0475 600x450_zpsth2boivh.jpg

Back to slow fishing, Holdsworth and I tried to get some action from Strawberry Reservoir the next week. Even with a power auger and a fish finder on loan, we couldn't seem to find any concentrations of fish at any depth. Anything found was quick to move on and only a couple of fish were caught, this being the best of them:

 photo DSCN0477 600x450_zpseuiacumu.jpg

For a place like the Berry, a 21" cutthroat isn't much. Still, it beats nothing. Without having the finder to watch, I surely would have missed both of my catches.

The next trip we took was in hopes of finding open water at Minersville Reservoir, near the town of Beaver. Two weeks earlier in 2015, the lake was wide open. This time around, there were only extreme shallows showing any liquid. We bagged that plan and fished Corn Creek, which was only a short detour while driving back to the north.

This small stream used to have a reputation for good sized brown trout. I regret not fishing it back then because it's lost its luster, for the most part. Having never fished it, I was hoping to make it a lot farther up the canyon, but a locked gate kept us within the first mile or so at the bottom end.

It's a pretty creek with nice looking holes, but the fish were mostly somewhere else.

 photo DSCN4854 450x600_zpsjpdwybu8.jpg

 photo DSCN4863 450x600_zpsxkxsygmb.jpg

 photo DSCN4864 600x450_zpstxhleukc.jpg

Only a few fish were caught between us, but the experience salvaged the use of a tank of gas and showed us a new place. It's a neat canyon.

 photo DSCN4865 450x600_zpsxrh8616f.jpg

Yet another slow day of fishing in the books.

Needing another escape to warmer weather and red rocks, my family, Holdsworth, and I set off to camp at Sand Hollow State Park for our first time. Aaron and I were to get the tubes pumped up and hopefully get bent on some nice largemouth bass in the very fishy looking Navajo sandstone formations.

 photo DSCN4871 600x450_zpsmairochl.jpg

It actually rained quite a bit and the temps were a little too cool for the kids to swim, but they had fun splashing around with their feet while Aaron and I tried our best to trick some fish.

 photo DSCN4867 600x450_zpsvrmbtjqe.jpg

We started off by throwing dark Senkos on a weightless Texas rig, but the breeze and water chop made it tedious to watch our line. Eventually I switched to jigs. A YUM brand craw plastic with a brown back and orange belley was what I was able to catch a couple of fish on, paired with a 1/8oz Gamakatsu jig head.

This one struck first:

 photo DSCN4877 600x450_zpshtjnhhks.jpg

This one was the biggest on our trip, at 17.5":

 photo DSCN4872 600x450_zpsvxeoojvu.jpg

The place is great for a float tube! So many incredible submerged shelves to hide under.

 photo DSCN4875 600x450_zpsxvkqz2xx.jpg

Only three came in for me on day 1, then a storm blew through and kicked us off the water. It felt great to float again though.

Day 2 was still a bit rainy, but Aaron and I took an hour or so to fish from shore. Fishing along the west dike proved useless, so we went back to the cool rocky area and did our best to find something that would bite. Eventually, I found a willing mouth to stick and got the only fish of day 2.

 photo DSCN4887 600x450_zpsnnmbcl2p.jpg

After that, we drove over to hike around on Sand Mountain, but another storm was imminent so we stood around for a bit and observed before heading off.

Sand Mountain:

 photo DSCN4891 600x450_zpsaaxwxoc4.jpg

Thanks, Sand Hollow, we'll surely be back.

 photo DSCN4892 450x600_zpslxb6pplk.jpg

The next adventure was another family trip to a place we like to visit from time to time. Joe's Valley Reservoir is a fun place to visit and typically yields good catch rates. Fish size is wide open with everything from small skinny fish to big round splake up to 12lbs. Tiger muskies were added some time ago and they're already topping out at well over 40".

Not only is the lake fun, but the tail water is also a beautiful side trip with the gorgeous water color and huge boulders throughout the stream bed. We decided to stop along the creek on our way up the canyon to visit our "picnic spot", as we call it.

 photo DSCN4899 600x450_zps0psj540p.jpg

It's a very photogenic stream.

 photo DSCN4901 600x450_zpssgzgtywg.jpg

 photo DSCN4898 450x600_zpsv7vrfbep.jpg

Normally, the fishing is fast paced for small brown trout, but on that day, I didn't have what they were looking for. I did see a legit 20" fish follow my gear for a moment though, which is nice to know exists in the stream.

Moving on, we were surprised to see the lake still frozen, minus a little bit of open water near the dam.

 photo DSCN4907 600x450_zpsnkija1tz.jpg

Sonia and I each caught a cutthroat. Her's was a little bit bigger than mine, stretching to just over 18".

 photo DSCN4909 600x450_zpsdvubysto.jpg

It was her first fish of the year and ended up being the fish of the day. I was glad to see that happen.

After we'd had our fill of slow fishing at Joe's, we decided to use the very last bit of daylight for a pleasure cruise through the San Rafael Swell. We love the desert in my family and the chance to see giant red monoliths, even for just a few minutes, is always accepted.

The Buckhorn Wash area hosted us that evening. We watched the day's light fade away, framed by sandstone silhouettes.

 photo DSCN4912 600x450_zpsxy7plbey.jpg

 photo DSCN4915 600x450_zpskq797hec.jpg

 photo DSCN4914 600x450_zpsb1gjtf2j.jpg

 photo DSCN4926 450x600_zpsez8mte6k.jpg

The drive home was a little bit crazy, having to pull over quickly to attend to my boy. Apparently, something James had eaten earlier wasn't going to settle for digestion and instead, decided to come and join us in the cab.

All over the back seat! Ugh. It's never fun to deal with that kind of episode, especially when you've still got over two hours left on the drive. Poor kid soaked his clothes and had to finish the ride wrapped in jackets. That was a tough one to clean.

Regardless of the last couple of hours, it was still a fun family adventure spent admiring Nature's beauty.

Our next trip was a good one we'd been planning for awhile. Arrangements were made for Grandma to watch the kids so Sonia and I could go and stay at a sweet cabin my buddy had rented. My cousin from Phoenix and his wife were on the guest list, as well as Holdsworth and a few others.

The cabin was incredible and quite close to Panguitch Lake, one I had never fished. The lake, however, was still frozen, except for a small area of open water near the dam and some very shallow water on the west side of the lake. It really wasn't a fishing trip, but those of us that like to fish made sure to get out and test the water.

For my first trip to Panguitch Lake, I was quite satisfied with the quality of rainbows we were catching. They were thick and strong, giving aerial displays while fighting us.

 photo DSCN4932 600x450_zps0v9vtcuz.jpg

 photo DSCN4933 600x450_zpsefidb1gj.jpg

We actually did pretty well, catching quite a few fish in a short amount of time. It was great to experience "fast fishing" again, since the year had been so slow, leading up to that trip. Holdsworth caught some good ones.

 photo DSCN4937 600x450_zpssourbxum.jpg

 photo DSCN4940 450x600_zpses7xh0lx.jpg

Gulp leeches were the flavor of the day and we took a few back to the cabin, where I prepared them for everyone. They were well received and I was happy that I'd brought all the stuff I like to use when filleting/frying trout. When all was said and done, I was lucky to get a few bites for myself! Having previous experience as a line cook at a seafood restaurant, I'm pretty comfortable cooking fish.

Day 2's fishing involved everyone from the cabin, not just the Aarons and myself. It was nice to have everyone around, since Sonia and I were packed up to leave after that. Those that didn't fish enjoyed the beautiful sunny day we were having, plus the company couldn't be beat.

The fast fishing from the previous day didn't necessarily carry over, and it took a little while to start getting bites. Once it happened, it was back on for some stout rainbows again. I even scored on my fly rod.

 photo DSCN4941 600x450_zpsftau6vmh.jpg

My cousin hadn't caught a fish yet and I felt pretty bad for him, especially after a big tease I got to watch when a nice fish threw the hook right at our feet. Eventually it worked out though and he got one to hang on.

 photo DSCN4943 600x450_zpsklmvnarx.jpg

 photo DSCN4944 450x600_zpsrpxmeb5u.jpg

Holdsworth got some really nice ones that day.

 photo DSCN4945 600x450_zpsil3qqxzl.jpg

 photo DSCN4947 600x450_zpsz0h6ghfr.jpg

As did I:

 photo DSCN4949 600x450_zpsx4brrjuk.jpg

Here we have cousin Aaron and our friend Preston, who was so kind to invite us all.

 photo DSCN4953 600x450_zpshjio2fu3.jpg

Our good friend Chris:

 photo DSCN4954 600x450_zpsh6s3bmks.jpg

My wife Sonia and Aaron's wife, Melinda (and they get along really well, which I love):

 photo DSCN4955 600x450_zpsy9hx61rx.jpg

It was a crazy fun time with crazy fun people. I'm so glad we were able to get down there and as a bonus, the fishing was great! Finally!

 photo DSCN4957 600x450_zpsdw8p9gdk.jpg

Even with the slow start, this year has already provided me a few personal bests, which coincidentally have all come on my lunch breaks rather than dedicated trips.

So far this year, I've caught my best catfish, beat my personal best fish four times with three carp over 9lbs and just last week, I caught my biggest fish ever with a 33" northern pike weighing 10lbs, 2oz! First fish over 10 that I've been able to land.

 photo IMG_20160321_122027652 600x337_zpsymcs0gye.jpg

Believe it or not, it was caught on the Provo River, right by Utah Lake. I had a guy take some photos of me holding it, but I guess he couldn't figure out how to use my camera, despite my instructions. Nothing on the good camera. I'm glad I snapped a couple of cell phone pics, even if the quality is low.

So there we have it folks! Poor fishing to start the year and now we're just starting to see a silver lining with promise to only get better. Bring it on! I've got some really cool trips in the making for this year, so stay tuned for updates.

Hopefully the fishing gets better and I have reason to post more often. Thank you, as always, for taking the time to visit.

 photo DSCN4878 450x600_zps4rgkml6t.jpg

Happy Fishing, Humans.

Some Background...


Why not go jogging, hit the gym, start a garden or whatever it is that normal humans do? What's so fascinating about these slimy little creatures that live in the water?

Fishing is a bit more to me than a hobby or a sport. It's an essential part of life that helps me connect with the Earth in ways similar to the long-practiced traditions of mankind. Wherever man has had a water source, there has been fishing.

It's only natural.

Happy Fishing, Humans.