Dog Days - Catching Up (Pic Overload)

The last month has been a busy one.  Posting trip reports had to take a back seat for a little while, though I still managed to get out a bit.

The fishing hasn't been too great during the dog days of summer, like usual, but the past few weeks have really been packed with adventure.  

To start, my friend Aaron extended his stay in Utah for a second week while my cousin Aaron came up from Arizona.  My family and I really enjoyed having them around and we took a lot of local hiking trips and some more distant journeys as well.

One of the local hikes I took with the guys was to Springdell Falls in Provo Canyon.  It's a waterfall I have some dear memories of from my childhood and later in life as well.

 photo SpringdellCurrant005_zpsc42ac23e.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant009_zps45d6b055.jpg

We burned about an hour there, just relaxing and hiding from the brutal sun.

 photo SpringdellCurrant012_zpsb443c6e5.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant016_zps86cb903b.jpg

From there, we went a little farther for a scenic overlook.

 photo SpringdellCurrant026_zps0a64d27b.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant037_zps11731880.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant039_zps6bd4d9f3.jpg

That was a great day and it was really nice for the three of us to get back to scrambling around Provo Canyon like we used to.

We also did a guys'-day-out fishing trip to Currant Creek Reservoir a couple of weeks ago.  We hiked all the way around to the big rock outcropping and a bit more to get past the weeds.  

I was able to nab a mid-sized cutthroat on the fly at the inlet to start us off.

 photo SpringdellCurrant050_zpsab6d9904.jpg

Soon to follow was Holdsworth with a cutt of his own.

 photo SpringdellCurrant051_zpse5d36641.jpg

Before we got focused on fishing, we took a detour to check out the big rock more closely.

 photo SpringdellCurrant054_zps6c38cfb4.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant059_zps11c4f5a7.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant062_zps60fa5990.jpg

Once we got past the weeds, the fishing commenced.  A really big tiger followed my jig in to shore and actually swiped at it, but missed.  It was the largest fish I'd ever seen in Currant Creek and it compelled me to stick it out in that area for the rest of my stay.

A decent tiger came in shortly afterward.

 photo SpringdellCurrant064_zps516d851a.jpg

Then my cousin picked up a rainbow on a Blue Fox.

 photo SpringdellCurrant065_zps737ca16a.jpg

I caught my smallest fish on the fly when a shiner nipped at my chironomid.

 photo SpringdellCurrant067_zpsac0e71f7.jpg

The fishing was really slow and we spent many hours trying for only a few fish.  The hike was great though and the sunset was pretty nice too.

 photo SpringdellCurrant078_zpsd0aabec0.jpg

 photo SpringdellCurrant079_zpsd6822736.jpg

Another cutthroat from the inlet on the way back and that was it.

 photo SpringdellCurrant081_zps13d24325.jpg

Sadly, I just couldn't get my visitors into the great fish that I've been seeing this year.  That must just be too much to ask in consideration of all the fun we had anyway.

Cousin Aaron could only stay for a couple of days, but Holdsworth stuck around a little longer.  This prompted us to take a spontaneous family day trip to Goblin Valley with just enough time to hike to the overlook and catch the sunset.

We're nuts.  400+ miles, starting in the afternoon.

Worth every minute on the road.

 photo GoblinValley2013012_zpsecb3ac48.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013017_zpsb489635f.jpg

The kids LOVED it!

 photo GoblinValley2013018_zps97d85827.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013019_zpsfa28c2d6.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013025_zpsc3681fc9.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013033_zpsa5e1f21b.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013046_zpsca666695.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013048_zpsf034a7dc.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013049_zps3956051a.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013051_zpsd495bf6e.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013059_zps49c21e4b.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013062_zps2c678335.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013072_zps101a1874.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013074_zps72231df2.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013078_zps4aac9f8b.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013087_zpse0a4dd71.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013091_zps9d8ff9ee.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013101_zps63fac1b7.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013107_zps340f4b7a.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013114_zpsf85a6c00.jpg

 photo GoblinValley2013139_zpsd1b0427c.jpg

We're so lucky to live in a place where such dramatic landscape extremes exist.  

Holdsworth left a couple of days later.  We were so glad to have both Aarons while they were here.

My family and I then went to a walleye fishery for a change of pace.  Since the trout fishing had been slowing down with all the recent heat, we figured that trying for bass and walleye would be fun.

We were wrong.  I lost the only fish I had on and Sonia also got skunked.  

Stopping somewhere else on the way home seemed necessary, so we pulled over and my family let me try for a few cutts and tigers while they waited.

 photo AUG18004_zpsa1670f1f.jpg

A decent tiger trout came to hand too.

 photo AUG18005_zpsa7cb3858.jpg

It wasn't until we were just about to leave that I took my boy to a spot on the shoreline that I had seen some large fish hanging around last year.  He witnessed me hook and fight a very nice tiger all the way up to shore before it broke off and made its way back to the deep.

What a shame.

That was last week and I have been thinking about it since.  Yesterday, I went back on a solo trip with my pontoon, vowing to get better results this time.

That, and to actually use the pontoon that I won over 3 years ago.

It was a suitable maiden voyage for the old prize, though I did it without fins.  Those were lost a couple of months ago.

Rowing was interesting to get the hang of, but it worked.  The wind was pushing me around though and that was quite the bother.  After a couple of fish in the weeds, I made the hard push to get back to my put-in and ditch the float.

 photo Aug242013Boating003_zpsb4e3a4a5.jpg

From the weeds:

 photo Aug242013Boating005_zps6237ba2e.jpg

 photo Aug242013Boating006_zpsd05b8263.jpg

A few smaller cutts came in on occasion, but my reason for being there was to pull in a big tiger. It took awhile, but after patiently bouncing a black marabou off the bottom in the steep areas, a big one finally rolled on my jig.

 photo Aug242013Boating008_zpsa0ff15ae.jpg

It stretched out to 24 inches. Nice fish. That's what I was looking for.

 photo Aug242013Boating010_zps9829dc92.jpg

The next one was a bit smaller, but very brilliantly colored.

 photo Aug242013Boating011_zps7cf8ad30.jpg

Continuing to walk the shoreline, I found a very messy pocket of weeds with some open patches throughout. Delicately casting into the open spots for one or two hops before getting tangled actually provided a lot of action.

Several times I noticed significant amounts of water being parted as feeding fish gave chase.

Finally, I got one to commit. What a porky little cutthroat!

 photo Aug242013Boating018_zps9c7d0529.jpg

It was really hard to hang onto for a photo.

 photo Aug242013Boating020_zpsa9a6f3aa.jpg

After that, one more came in before I decided to call it a day.

 photo Aug242013Boating023_zps0acb8335.jpg

It was great to get out and feel a heavy fish on the line again.

Happy Fishing, Humans.

Some Background...


Why not go jogging, hit the gym, start a garden or whatever it is that normal humans do? What's so fascinating about these slimy little creatures that live in the water?

Fishing is a bit more to me than a hobby or a sport. It's an essential part of life that helps me connect with the Earth in ways similar to the long-practiced traditions of mankind. Wherever man has had a water source, there has been fishing.

It's only natural.

Happy Fishing, Humans.