Scofield Reservoir - Open Water

My buddy and I thought we'd check out the ice-off action at Scofield, rather than busting the gas tank this week. It had been awhile since either of us had fished it, but we knew what to expect: lots of tiny fish.

Well we wouldn't be disappointed in that respect. We arrived early and stayed until about 6:00pm, catching a large number of tiny fish, as expected.

We each probably caught over 40 fish, but they were all pretty small. They bit a wide variety of our offerings from spinners, spoons, jigs, worms, and minnows. Unfortunately, the minnows didn't yield any trophies, but I was able to catch my biggest fish of the day twice with them!

About an hour later, I caught the same one, again hooked in the mouth and released!

It wasn't until I got home and reviewed the day's photos that I realized I had caught the same fish twice. Kind of neat, I thought, since that doesn't happen very often.

Here's Holdsworth's catch of the day:

Once we'd had enough, we checked out the river below the dam and I caught one small rainbow. We didn't stay long. The river is nice and clear at the dam and the flow is modest.

Happy Fishing, Humans.

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  1. Still look like nice fish too me. Really impressed with the Tiger Trout. Wish I had some in Eastern Idaho. Thanks for sharing.


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